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A family owned and operated business that has been serving our mountain community for over 25 years. And It all started with Craig Chaney. He held a standard of excellence in the painting industry. As a premier painter, he had always shown integrity and professionalism.

The business has been passed down to Pierce Chaney, who continues the high standard of always getting the jobs done right and with the highest standard. He continues to build the company in a positive and professional direction. As a man with visions and integrity, Chaney Painting can only get better. 


"The Right Choice from Start to Finish" is our entire philosophy in a nutshell, and it colors just about every aspect of what we do and how we do it.

To us,  “The Right Choice from Start to Finish" reminds us that we should take joy and pride in our work, in making you (our client) happy, and take every opportunity to go the extra mile. This focus also drives our community outreach initiatives, from local charity painting projects to our community raffles.

Our goal is to make a difference in people's lives (one brush stoke at a time) by serving them with professionalism and enthusiasm.  Painting the right way from start to finish is how it should be done, and it starts with CHANEY PAINTING.


Our clients are our number one concern. We strive to always show up on time, be on schedule and give our clients the absolute best paint job they can receive. These standards help keep our company continue its great reputation and keep our customers satisfied. 

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